Box art - Riptide GP2

Riptide GP2 Android Cheats


Refill boost by performing stunts in mid-air, achieved by swiping in various directions on the touchscreen.

Avoid pulling off the same trick repeatedly, as this may impact your ability to refill the boost meter.

Best time to use boost: on straightaways. Avoid pressing the boost button while navigating through turns, at least until you have more experience. Never use it while in the air.

Good thing is to pause the game to view a list of stunts you can execute.

Complicated tricks may require bigger air off ramps. Try hitting the boost button right before flying up a ramp.

Replay previously completed races to earn more cash and XP.

You can also score more virtual currency by liking Vector Unit on Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

Always pay attention to the number of laps.

Spend Skill Points to earn new skills. Knowing more stunts will guarantee boost at the best possible moments.

Spend cash to upgrade your vehicle's attributes, like Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling and Boost.

You may want to save cash in order to purchase different hydro jets. You can only upgrade weaker models so much.