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Modern Warfare In or Out Decision (Old Comrades choice)

There’s a tough decision to be made in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Old Comrades mission. Playing as Kyle Garrick, you can choose either “In” or “Out.” Here’s what happens when you pick both choices, so that you can make an informed choice on whether or not to stay for the interrogation of the key enemy. (Note: There will be spoilers from here on out, so click away if you haven’t yet gotten to the Modern Warfare Old Comrades mission.)

Should I choose In or Out in the Modern Warfare Old Comrades mission?

Modern Warfare In or Out Decision

During the Modern Warfare Old Comrades mission, the player assists Price and Nikolai in chasing down and capturing The Butcher. They take him to an interrogation room where he initially refuses to talk. To force him to cooperate, Captain Price uses The Butcher’s wife and child as leverage. During this scene, the player character is able to choose if they are “In” or “Out.”

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Modern Warfare | In choice

  • Garrick says that he is “all in.”
  • You lead The Butcher’s wife and child into the room.
  • You then need to fire your weapon at the wife or child. However, it isn’t loaded.
  • You then load it with ammo, which then forces The Butcher to cooperate.

Modern Warfare | Out choice

  • Garrick says that he’s out.
  • The scene fades to black and the interrogation takes place without you in the room.
  • The Butcher cooperates and is left alive, along with his wife and child.

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