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Death Stranding | Epic Games Store exclusive or not?

Will we see a Death Stranding Epic Games Store exclusive deal or will this Kojima Productions game be arriving on other digital distribution platforms? Many fans are certainly hoping to see Death Stranding released on Steam ever since the game’s PC version was announced to be arriving in the summer of 2020. Now, the question remains which of the many digital distribution services we’ll be getting it on.

Death Stranding | Epic Games Store exclusive, Steam, or somewhere else?

Death Stranding Epic Games Store exclusive

There are several factors to consider when we’re thinking about whether or not we’ll see a Death Stranding Epic Games Store exclusive release. At the forefront is what engine the game is made in if it were made in the Unreal Engine, that would make its chances of coming to the Epic Games Store a lot stronger as developers who use that engine effectively get to use it at a much cheaper rate than if they released it on another store.

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We know for certain that Death Stranding makes use of the Decima engine, a piece of software that serves as the backbone for a handful of other games like Killzone Shadow Fall and Horizon Zero Dawn. That means that Kojima Productions wouldn’t get that engine royalty bonus for a Death Stranding Epic Games Store exclusive release.

That aside, there is still the consideration of this being a highly-anticipated PC release. Remember that Epic Games managed to get Rockstar Games to make Red Dead Redemption 2 an Epic Games Store exclusive, even though it was only for a single month. Still, that one month will likely translate to a lot of impatient gamers buying it there instead of Steam.

At the moment, we don’t have any firm details as to whether or not we’ll be seeing a Death Stranding Epic Games Store exclusive release. Considering how much money Epic Games has been willing to spend, it is still very much a possibility.