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Is There The Outer Worlds New Game Plus?

Obsidian’s latest RPG is now available, and you are probably wondering if there is a New Game Plus in The Outer Worlds after you beat the campaign. New Game Plus is a game mode that many video games use to extend the challenge and sometimes expand on the story, with examples such as as NieR: Automata proving that there is plenty of life beyond the credits screen, and many extra surprises as well. But does The Outer Worlds feature a New Game Plus mode?

The Outer Worlds New Game Plus | Does The Outer Worlds Have New Game Plus?

The Outer Worlds New Game Plus mode

While The Outer Worlds is the kind of RPG that would greatly benefit from New Game Plus, unfortunately this option isn’t available in Obsidian’s sci-fi epic. There is no way for you to carry your endgame progress over to a new adventure, using your unlocked weapons and carefully curated attributes on a tougher second run.

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Currently, the end of The Outer Worlds marks the end of the story, so the best thing that you can do is take your time with it. There are many side-quests and companion quests to partake in, and even if some of them are simple fetch quests, others are more elaborate and worthy of your time. In the end, what matters is that you earn the extra XP to take you one step closer to the level 30 cap.

The Outer Worlds can be beat between ten and 30 hours, according to your play style, so it should offer you enough thrills to make your money’s worth. As for the possibility of seeing a The Outer Worlds New Game Plus arriving in the future via an update, it shouldn’t be entirely ruled out, because Obsidian is surely working on DLC for the game. However, your best bet would be on new content to raise the level cap and advance the story, offering new adventures where your choice affects the outcome.