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The Outer Worlds The Secret People walkthrough

There are tons of missions and quests that players can complete in The Outer WorldsOne of the side quests that players can take on is known as “The Secret People” and will require players to find Braxton’s location for Velma Ballard. Apparently, he is key to the day by day operations in Velma’s factory, so finding him is quite important to her. Our The Outer Worlds The Secret People walkthrough will take you step by step to finding Braxton’s location.

The Outer Worlds The Secret People | How to begin the side quest

The Outer Worlds The Secret People Walkthrough

For starters, to begin the side quest, you’ll need to visit Velma Ballard, who is located in the Stellar Bay factory on Monarch. After talking with Ballard, she will inform you that the guy “responsible for making the fish fat” has gone missing and needs to be found as soon as possible. After a bit of dialogue, she will ask if you’d be able to track down Braxton’s location for her.

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After accepting, you’ll want to follow the marker on your map, which will lead you to a character named Laura, who has been buying drugs from Braxton. Talk with her and she will inform you that Braxton recently made a delivery in the “ruins south of town.” To continue The Outer Worlds The Secret People quest, simply follow the new marker on your map (just make sure you have the quest active). You may encounter some enemies along the way, so be careful.

The Outer Worlds The Secret People | Braxton’s location

The Outer Worlds The Secret People Walkthrough

Once you make it to the house that Laura was talking about, head inside and you’ll meet Edgar Mather. After talking with the family, they will invite you to stay for dinner. While the meal is being prepared, you’ll be able to explore their house a bit. Head upstairs to the top floor and into the bedroom, where you’ll find a locked door. If you’re able, you can simply pick the lock to open it. If not, you’ll need to steal the key off of Edgar. You can kill him and loot his corpse or pickpocket him if you have 40 points into Sneak, but that isn’t the best strategy since others are watching.

The Outer Worlds The Secret People Walkthrough

Once inside, you’ll find Braxton’s dead body lying on the bed, with one leg missing. Walk up to him and grab his work ID, along with the weapon that is stuck in his body. After that, loot the rest of the house if you’d like, then escape through the door on the second floor (right up from the stairs from the kitchen) that goes to the Monarch wilderness or through the kitchen. If you head back downstairs in the kitchen, you’ll end up in a fight with their family. You’ll have to kill them, then you’ll be able to escape back to Ballard and report what you found. She will reward you for completing The Outer Worlds The Secret People quest with 625 bits and 19,250 XP.