Did this character die in Modern Warfare 2019?

The ending of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare left some fans a little puzzled. Infinity Ward and Activision did a lot to tease what’s coming in the probable sequel and also what might be added to this installment via DLC for the cooperative Spec Ops mode. (Note: Spoilers ahead!) Undoubtedly the biggest news, however, was Captain Price convincing Kate Laswell to allow him to establish Task Force 141. A notable member of  The One-Four-One is, of course, Simon “Ghost” Riley and his reintroduction to the series has many asking the question: Did Alex die in Modern Warfare?

Is Alex really dead in Modern Warfare?

did Alex die in Modern Warfare

At the end of Modern Warfare 2019’s campaign, Alex (portrayed by Troy Baker) seemingly opts to sacrifice himself when the detonator won’t work. Staying behind to trigger an explosion manually on freedom fighter Farah Karim’s orders, players don’t see anything more from Alex thereafter and most likely assume him to be dead.

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That being said, we don’t actually see Alex die. This in itself wouldn’t necessarily mean anything, but some fans believe that there are further hints within the game to suggest he may have survived. At one point in the campaign, the following interaction takes place between Alex and Farah:

Alex: “What happens when a CIA agent goes to sleep?”

Farah: “What?”

Alex: “They become an undercover agent.”

Many believe this to be foreshadowing, pointing towards Alex eventually donning the iconic Ghost mask and going undercover in future Modern Warfare titles. Assuming that Alex suffered severe burns as a result of the explosion he stayed back to trigger, the mask would also serve to hide any facial disfigurements.

This is all speculation for now, but it certainly makes interesting food for thought as we approach what seems to be an inevitable sequel to the Modern Warfare reboot.

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