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Red Dead Online Halloween event | Fear of the Dark mode, legendary bounty, masks

Red Dead Online’s Halloween event adds a new Showdown Mode to the game called Fear of the Dark. This new mode mixes supernatural elements into Red Dead Online’s PvP, bringing a spooky twist to Showdowns. In addition to Fear of the Dark, there are a few more seasonally appropriate additions coming in the Read Dead Online Halloween update. We’ll go over each of these below.

What is Fear of the Dark mode in Red Dead Online?

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Fear of the Dark is available as a limited-time feature within Red Dead Online’s Showdown PvP modes. Fear of the Dark is a supernatural, asymmetrical variation on the game’s PvP. One team of players become Night Stalkers, monsters with enhanced speed, strength, and toughness. In order to defeat the Night Stalkers, the average-Joe Hunter team will have to collect skull masks around the map, weakening the Night Stalkers and strengthening the Hunters as they collect more.

The Hunter team achieves victory by collecting all the skull masks and defeating all the Night Stalkers left alive when the last mask is collected. The Night Stalkers, in turn, can win by surviving until time runs out or by defeating all the hunters.

Fear of the Dark will be available until November 12, and the mode rewards 3x Gold and 2x Red Dead Online dollars until November 3.

What else is coming as part of the Red Dead Online Halloween event?

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Along with Fear of the Dark, a new legendary bounty has become available. The bounty tasks players with hunting down former mayor Tobin Winfield, who is hiding out after stealing the public’s money while in office. He was last seen near Theives’ Landing.

New items, like the Tobacco Hat and Thacker Hat, are available in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue store. Meanwhile, all cleavers, machetes, tomahawks, and throwing knives are discounted by 30% this week.

Finally, each Specialist Role will receive a free, unique mask. Licensed Bounty Hunters get a variant of the Creature Mask, Traders get a Swine Mask, and Collectors get a Masquerade Mask. More masks are available for players who reach tiers 10 and 20 of the Outlaw Pass and for players who win a round of Fear in the Dark. The masks are only available until November 3.