How to spit in Barkov’s face in Modern Warfare 2019

One of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019’s most despicable villains is General Roman Barkov, a rogue Russian that’ll use any means necessary to achieve his desired ends. He’s the main antagonist of the game, so many players will take great pleasure from knowing that it’s possible to show him one of the ultimate forms of disrespect while playing as freedom fighter Farah Karim. Here’s what you need to know about how to spit in Barkov’s face in Modern Warfare (and earn the “Got Something on Your FaceAchievement or Trophy in the process).

How do you spit on Barkov in Modern Warfare?

how to spit in Barkov's face in Modern Warfare

If you haven’t yet reached the point detailed below, you’ll first need to progress through the Modern Warfare campaign.

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Here’s precisely what to do:

  • Load up Mission 11: Captive
  • Proceed through the mission as normal until Barkov instructs you to follow him; the “survive interrogation” objective will appear
  • Walk down the linear hallway, into a room with a chair that must be sat on by following the appropriate button prompt
  • The interrogation will begin, with Barkov asking a question about “Commander Karim”
  • At this point, you’ll be presented four dialogue options; ignore them all and instead press R3 (melee) to spit in Barkov’s face

He won’t be too pleased, naturally, though you’ll probably feel like the Russian General got a little bit of comeuppance and be an achievement/trophy richer for it.

You might want to reload the checkpoint here a few times to see Barkov’s reactions to each of the different dialogue choices, which are somewhat of a novelty in a Call of Duty title. Dialogue trees are more commonly reserved for role-playing games, but seemingly Infinity Ward and Activision wanted to push the boat out in this instance.

We’ll leave you to discover what happens when Farah and Barkov next meet in the Modern Warfare campaign.