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How to earn the Modern Warfare Golden Path achievement

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s trophy and achievement is unique from other games as all of them are earned in the game’s campaign. One specific achievement, named Golden Path, seems to be giving some players a little bit of trouble. So, how do you earn the Modern Warfare Golden Path achievement or trophy?

Modern Warfare Golden Path | Complete “Clean House” without being hit using one bullet per threat

Modern Warfare Golden Path

If you’re trying to earn the Golden Path achievement in Modern Warfare, then you’ve likely already made it through a handful of the main campaign missions, as it is the fifth mission. To earn the achievement, you’ll need to complete the “Clean House’ mission, while only using one bullet per threat and without being hit by any enemy bullets. This obviously means using one bullet to kill each enemy.

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During the “Clean House” mission, you’ll face 11 different enemies, all who want you dead. As your team nears the front door, you’ll see an open window in front of you. Look at the window and follow the on-screen prompt to use your ladder and climb through the window. As you pass through the first room and enter the hallway, you’ll see three people in a room on your left arguing. If you hang out along the wall, you’ll be able to line up your first shot. From there, you can use the wall as cover to while you eliminate the other two people.

From there, head up the stairs and follow your teammate to your designated room to clear. As you open the door, there will be a man with a hostage. Quickly shoot him in the head and wait for the hostage to pick up the gun and then kill her. Once they are both dead, continue into the room and open up the door on your right by the window. Be careful here, you will get shot at multiple times as the door opens, so stay back. After the shots, a target will run into your room and you can eliminate him.

Follow your team to the second floor, and make sure to stand back from the doorway as it will be shot to pieces. Once the shooting has slowed down, make your way to the door and open it, using it as cover. There will be one guy in the middle of the room, one that will come from a room on your left, and another that will come from a room on your right. You can use the door as cover to shoot the guy in the middle and on your left, then back up and let the guy on your right come to you, so you don’t get shot. Don’t be too aggressive.

Follow your team to the third floor and go to the door on your right. When you open it, a lady will run across the room to grab her baby, don’t shoot either of them. Inside the room, you’ll see another door along the right wall. Open it up and creep over to the bed. As you get close, you’ll see a man under the bed, shoot him. Then, open the door on your right, just before the bed to head to the final floor.

Try to open the door on your right, then wait for your teammate to use a crowbar to get it open. As you go in, you’ll find an unarmed woman begging you not to shoot. After a few seconds of silence, Price will say “drop her.” Make sure to pull the trigger right as he gives the command, otherwise, he will kill her and you will fail the Modern Warfare Golden Path achievement.

If you follow the steps above, you should have no problem earning the trophy. It is also important to note that if you fail, you can restart checkpoints without nullifying the trophy or achievement.