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How to kill the Juggernaut in Modern Warfare 2019

One of the tougher battles in Call of Duty in Modern Warfare is the fight against the Juggernaut during the “Into the Furnace” mission. In this battle, you’re restricted to a small arena with a hulking baddie chasing you down. This fight can be especially tricky on harder difficulties, but with the right strategy, you’ll be able to come out on top. Here are the best tips on how to kill the Juggernaut in Modern Warfare.

How to defeat the Juggernaut in the “Into The Furnace” mission

How to kill the Juggernaut in Modern Warfare

With an awful lot of armor protecting its body, the Juggernaut enemy type can be terrifying to go up against. You can’t simply spray it down with a magazine, as it can tank that damage with ease, before following up with a powerful minigun blast of its own. No, this enemy requires a careful approach. Use the following tips to beat this beast!

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Tips for beating the Juggernaut in Modern Warfare

  • If you still have Hadir’s Sniper Rifle equipped, this monstrous weapon can easily down the Juggernaut in a handful of headshots.
  • Lure the Juggernaut towards explosive barrels and then shoot them to deal significant damage.
  • The DP-12 Incendiary shotgun comes in useful here. You can find it in this area. Spray the Juggernaut down with flaming bullets!
  • Use your teammates as a distraction. Their sacrifice can buy you the time you need to win the fight. Keep rotating around the area and opening fire.

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