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Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy | How to access the new Shadowkeep dungeon

The Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost update added several new items and activities to Destiny 2. Beyond the new exotic Xenophage weapon and the seasonal Haunted Forest activity, players were probably most looking forward to the new dungeon, called the Pit of Heresy. When you start up the game after the update, however, it’s nowhere on your map and not mentioned in your quests, so some may be wondering how to start the new dungeon in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. This Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy guide will point you to the location needed to start the quest.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep | How to get to Pit of Heresy dungeon location

Destiny 2 pit of heresy how to start - the deepening wake

The first thing you need to do is head down to the Moon and speak with Eris Morn. Upon arriving after the Festival of the Lost update, she’ll give you a quest called The Deepening Wake. This quest requires you to complete the Altars of Sorrow activity in Sorrow’s Harbor. You’ll need to successfully beat at least the third tier and defeat 20 Nightmares in the activity, so be sure to check out our Altars of Sorrow guide for details on how the event works.

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Destiny 2 pit of heresy map location

Once you’ve completed this step, head back to Eris, and the dungeon will be unlocked. You’ll now see an icon for the location of The Pit of Heresy on the left side of the Sorrow’s Harbor map. Before you start, note that the dungeon isn’t match-made, and is a 940-power activity. While a Triumph called “Usurper” confirms the dungeon can be completed alone, it’s essentially a miniature raid, so you’ll probably want to bring some friends along. If you don’t have a fireteam already, consider consulting a “looking for group” site like the Destiny fireteams Reddit or joining a Destiny-focused Discord server, such as the DestinyTheGame subreddit Discord.

Destiny 2 pit of heresy start

Once you begin the Pit of Heresy activity in Destiny 2, you’ll spawn outside the Scarlet Keep. Enter through the main doors at the top of the steps and head straight for the back of the room. Interact with the chained-up crystal there, and you’ll fall through the floor into the dungeon.