Modern Warfare 2019 Classic Maps | Will old maps return?

When “Modern Warfare maps bad” is a trending term regarding Infinity Ward and Activision’s latest Call of Duty title, you know that a good portion of the game’s player base isn’t happy with the new multiplayer maps on offer. Since its original creations aren’t taking many players’ fancy, some are wondering whether old favorites will return in the form of Modern Warfare 2019 classic maps, reviving battlegrounds that players remember fondly from the previous trilogy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games. So, will the likes of Afghan, Crash, Favela, and Resistance make a comeback?

Will classic maps come to Modern Warfare 2019?

Modern Warfare 2019 classic maps

With a lot of hate surrounding the current suite of multiplayer maps at this time, it’s likely that the game’s development team has taken notice. Lots of players are praising Modern Warfare‘s gunplay and overall gameplay mechanics, but also believe that too many doorways, windows, and general sightlines promote camping instead of a more active approach to the game.

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Some state that players just need to adapt to a new style of play, but those that don’t consider the change to be a positive one would rather just stop playing Modern Warfare 2019 altogether. It’s a difficult situation, but there could be one simple fix: reintroduce classic maps from the original Modern Warfare games.

The Call of Duty series frequently brings back old maps for new games, most often leaving their layouts untouched while gifting them a visual lick of paint. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, so bringing back fan-favorite Modern Warfare maps would be a brilliant way for Infinity Ward to keep everybody happy as they devote extra care to crafting any additional new maps with player feedback in mind.

While it’s very possible that classic Modern Warfare trilogy maps could make an appearance in Modern Warfare 2019, there’s been no official news just yet. We’ll keep you posted on any future announcements, however, so stick with GameRevolution.