Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Release Date

The Call of Duty Mobile Zombies release date is something that players are wondering about, judging by the success of previous iterations originally seen in World at War and the Black Ops games. The CoD fanbase is eagerly expecting an official announcement, despite being quite clearly happy with the current two modes on offer, multiplayer and battle royale. However, the Zombies mode is different enough to provide brand new thrills and additional ways to enjoy Call of Duty Mobile with your fellow soldiers.

When is the Call of Duty Mobile Zombies release date?

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Release Date

A series of leaks claimed that the Call of Duty Mobile Zombies release date was slated for October 30, 2019, but this turned out to be fake. Activision and Tencent are yet to release the Zombies mode, and we’re yet to see if it will be deployed while the Call of Duty Mobile Halloween event is still in its prime, running until November 25.

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It was in the official Twitter that Activision teased the pending Call of Duty Mobile Zombies release date with a new artwork on November 13, accompanied by the following tagline: “From above ground to below, hold back the undead.” This isn’t the first tease, as the November 8 community update already touched upon this matter, saying that “it will be at your fingertips before you know it.” Given the persistent communication, it was to be expected that Call of Duty Mobile zombies was to release during the next few days, but surely before the end of November.

During one of the Community Update posts, Activision has revealed the definitive date for the release of the Zombies mode. The eagerly awaited co-op mode is going to launch on November 22, following on a series of CoD Mobile events. This finally puts to rest all the lingering doubts about this release.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies is going to feature four-player co-op action against the titular creatures. Rumors are pointing to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 map Green Run as being the first Zombies map, with more to come further down the road. Word has it that you’ll have around dozen perks including quick revive and deadshot, and you can customize your loadouts before each match, same as you do in battle royale mode.

In theory, Activision is extremely busy with the fresh launches of Call of Duty Mobile and Modern Warfare; however, the portable shooter is mostly designed and managed by Tencent and TiMi Studios, so there shouldn’t be any overlap between the two games.