BTS World Chapter 9 update patch notes

The BTS World Chapter 9 update patch notes were just released, adding a new story and new cards to the game based on the popular seven-member South Korean boy band. You’ll be able to play the brand-new story titled The Most Beautiful Moment in Life and earn seven new 5-Star Cards. A few events will earn you different rewards and free items, as well as special buffs.

BTS World Chapter 9 update patch notes highlights

BTS World Chapter 9 update patch notes guide

BTS World is a cinematic game where you play as the band’s manager, forging the successful path that the group also known as Bangtan Boys is now living in the real world. Chapter 9 brings the new story The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, but developer Netmarble is intentionally keeping its cards close to its chest, in order to avoid spoilers that the BTS fans surely won’t enjoy.

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The Styling Item Draw is now changing into a permanent draw, and as usual you can check the drop rates before aiming for that cool uniform or the swanky jacket, among other clothing items. A draw event allows you to earn seven 4-Star Boys in Suits Cards, and new 5-Star Cards based on the BTS song Dope.

Here are the full patch notes, courtesy of Netmarble:

  • BTS STORY New Chapter!
    • BTS STORY Chapter 9 and the corresponding new main quests have been added!
    • Enjoy an exciting story in the new Chapter of BTS WORLD!
  • Styling Draw Change!
    • Styling Draw will become a permanent draw!
    • Go to the [Lobby] [Draw] [Styling Draw] and draw your items!!
    • The drop rate for each of the Styling Items can be checked through the ‘ⓘRate’ button at the top of the Styling Draw screen.
  • Draw Composition Change!
    • Some Member cards that can be obtained through the draw event will be added to the regular Gems Draw items.
    • Also, some Draw Ticket products acquired after the maintenance will be changed to drop the relevant Member Cards.
  • [Member Cards: 7 4★ Boys in Suits Cards]
    • Charisma RM, Checkmate Jin, Young Master SUGA, Gentleman j-hope, Bodyguard Jimin, One Wish V, Red Sun Jung Kook
  • Other Fixes and Improvements
    • Locked cards were shown as unlocked in the Photo Album after the card was upgraded.
    • The error in both of these issues is that the cards were incorrectly marked. Even though the card may have been marked as unlocked, it remained locked as intended.
    • Attempting an exchange in the Photo Album with a card incorrectly marked as unlocked would result in the game crashing.