BTS Jungkook’s Overwatch skills prove he’s truly the Golden Maknae

Image Source: Debra L Rothenberg/Getty Images

It appears BTS member Jungkook’s reputation as the “Golden Maknae” really does mean he’s good at everything. The star’s skills were recently on display in a BTS Jungkook Overwatch Play of the Game clip, shared on the mega-popular Korean boy band’s official Twitter, where Jungkook—apparently a Widowmaker main—scores three rapid headshots against opponents.

The video, which has earned more than 860,000 likes as of writing (relatively few for a BTS tweet), was subsequently noticed by several Overwatch professionals. David Pei, head coach of the Overwatch League’s LA Gladiators, replied to an LA Gladiators player who asked for his take on Jungkook’s skills, saying, “He’s kinda insane actually.”

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Others praised Jungkook as well, including the Overwatch League’s Seoul Dynasty and the Blizzard’s official Overwatch account. Cloud9, an American pro esports organization, called Jungkook’s play “Nice” and suggested that BTS collaborate with the organization.

Known as Golden Maknae because he is BTS’ youngest member (“maknae,” in Korean) and displays talents in many different areas, Jungkook has actually shown off his Overwatch abilities before. In the replies to BTS’ latest Overwatch tweet, a fan shared a Jungkook Overwatch clip the account had posted back in 2018. The footage once again appears to show the K-pop star sniping multiple opponents in a row as Widowmaker. To add insult to injury for the unlucky (or, perhaps, very lucky) players gunned down by Jungkook in-game, the latest tweet’s text reads, “It’s been a while,” according to a translation in the replies, which seems to imply Jungkook can still stunt on other Overwatch players after a long time away from the game.

Rumors and leaks have recently sprung up about an upcoming Overwatch 2 Blizzcon reveal. Amid the current Blizzard Hong Kong controversy, it remains to be seen how the community will react to this potential next step in the Overwatch franchise.