Overwatch 2 Release Date and Platforms | When is Overwatch 2 releasing?

Most of the latest rumors turned out to be true and Blizzard announced some serious heavyweights during BlizzCon, including Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. One of the things that many FPS fans will surely want to know is the Overwatch 2 release date, so that they can join the newest adventures featuring Tracer, Mei, Winston, and the rest of the crew. And what platforms will you be able to play Overwatch 2? Read on to find out.

Overwatch 2 Release Date | When does Overwatch 2 come out?

Overwatch 2 Release Date platforms

The Overwatch 2 release date is still a mystery as Blizzard gave no details about when we could start playing it. Rumors pointed to the game coming next year, but Blizzard is Blizzard and that team is known for taking its time. Hopefully, Blizzard will reveal more about its release date during BlizzCon or at least soon.

Jeff Kaplan said during a BlizzCon panel that the game is “actively in development” and “still has a ways to go” before later stating it has a “long ways to go until it is fully ready.” At the end of the panel, Kaplan revealed that he doesn’t know when it is coming out nor do they have a date in mind and said “let us make it great” because “that’s what we care about more than anything.”

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Overwatch 2 Platforms | Where can I play Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 Release Date platforms

Blizzard also did not officially reveal what the Overwatch 2 platforms would be. Unless there is some advanced tinkering going on behind the scenes, this seems a clear indication that Overwatch 2 is releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the same platforms as the original game. The game’s fact sheet even confirms a Switch version is coming too.

Blizzard revealed that all your accomplishments and loot collections from the first Overwatch will be carried forward to Overwatch 2, allowing you to keep the skins and emotes that you fought so hard for. Furthermore, current Overwatch players will be able to battle alongside Overwatch 2 players in PvP modes, and they can choose the heroes and maps from Overwatch 2 as well. This sort of communication hints that the game will at least be on current consoles. It is also possible that it could hit the next generation as well, given how next year is bound to have a lot of games that will come out on both new and old systems.