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Modern Warfare | Searching for a match Error Fix

Are you having problems with finding a match in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Sometimes, you’ll just get plain stuck while trying to find your next game in this fantastic first-person shooter from Infinity Ward. Our Modern Warfare Searching for a match Error Fix guide will tell you all we know about fixing this problem!

Modern Warfare | Searching for a match | Solutions to the problem

Modern Warfare Searching for a match

Whether you’re starting a session fresh or you’ve been playing for a while, you may find yourself stuck on the “Searching for a match” screen with no resolution in sight. Being queued for a long time can be frustrating enough, but it’s unfathomably annoying when Modern Warfare doesn’t want to put you in a game at all. Here are the solutions you can try!

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Use ‘Quick Match’ with no filters

One potential source of the problem may be that you’re just not finding enough people to put a game together. This could be due to the game mode you’ve selected or the filters you’ve enabled. Try disabling all of the filters and using the “Quick Match” option to see if you can get a game going.

Enable Cross-Play

Similarly, the problem may be that there are just not enough available people looking for a game on your platform of choice. Thankfully, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the many current games on the market that allows you to play with people on other platforms. Enable Cross-Play and try to search for a game again — you might just find the opponents you’re looking for!

Restart your game

Remember the quick fix for most software and hardware problems: when it doubt, restart the application (or computer) and see if that fixes the problem.

Wait out the problem

If neither of these fixes work, your best remaining option might be just to wait.

It’s entirely possible that the game’s servers are down. If you’re having issues with the Modern Warfare Searching for a match problem, try checking out the status of the game’s servers on Activision’s website.

Another unlikely (but nonetheless possible!) scenario is that there are just not enough eligible people at your skill level to form a game. You’re going to have to wait for some games to finish up to free up the pool of available players. One Australian Redditor from the beta days seemed to be having this exact issue.

In both of these cases, your only solution to the problem may be to just wait a while and see if it is eventually resolved.