Google Play Points | How to earn free rewards

Google is bringing their Google Play rewards system to the United States this week, with the launch of Google Play Points. As you might have guessed this is a rewards program that will allow Play Store users to collect points for purchasing games and making in-app purchases, which can then be redeemed for store credit. Here is everything you need to know about the Google Play Points reward system, including how to earn free rewards.

Google Play Points | How to sign up

Google Play Points

Google Play Points allow users to earn points for purchasing apps, making in-app purchases, and subscriptions, which can be redeemed for store credit. There are a handful of different ways to earn points and Tier up in the program, but we will get to that later. For now, here is how to sign up for Google Play Points.

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To sign up, simply open up the Play Store and tap the three dot icon in the top right corner of your screen. From there, simply select “Play Points” and you’ll be able to sign up for Google Play Points. Going forward, you’ll earn points for every purchase you make through the Play Store.

Google Play Points | How does it work?

There are four different Tiers within the Play Points program. Upon signing up, you’ll be in the Silver Tier, which will earn you one point per dollar spent. From there, you’ll be able to level up the Tier ladder and earn up to 1.4 points per dollar spent. Further, you’ll be able to earn more money per dollar on special items like movie rentals, weekly events, and more, depending on your Tier. Additionally, if you’re not interested in redeeming your points, you can also donate them to charities selected by Google.

You can learn more about Google Play Points by visiting the official website.