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Death Stranding | How to balance and stop falling over

So you’re wondering how to stop falling over in Death Stranding? Don’t worry, it’s not a stupid question! Developer Kojima Productions has implemented a balancing mechanic unlike anything we’ve seen before, forcing players to learn something new, and it really can be tricky to grasp. Thankfully, we’ve got few tips on how to balance in Death Stranding that will have you staying upright. If water keeps knocking you down, or steep slopes are forcing your legs out from under you, implement our advice to become a master of walking!

How to stop falling over in Death Stranding

Death Stranding how to balance

Again, this isn’t a silly problem to be having trouble with. The Death Stranding balancing mechanic can be seriously tricky to get used to, especially in the beginning where Sam has no upgrades or extra gear to help him stay on his feet. Persevere through the tough first hours, however, and you’ll unlock some handy aid to increase mobility without the risk of easily falling over.

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Before you get that helping hand, however, you’ll need to become one with the L2 and R2 triggers. These are key to keeping Sam on his feet, as they allow the player to quickly adjust the way Sam is leaning. Use L2 to make Sam lean more to the left and R2 to have him lean right.

You’ll also want to make use of keeping both triggers pushed in, as Sam becomes much more stable, at the cost of a slight bit of speed. This is especially useful when you need to cross a river. By holding both L2 and R2, you’ll get across much, much easier.

If a slope proves too steep for Sam, despite your masterful use of L2 and R2, you’ll want to either use a ladder or find another route around. Use the scanner to check how steep terrain is to try and avoid the difficult-to-climb (red) slopes. You may also want to consider carrying less of a load, if the struggle proves too difficult.

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