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Why can’t I pick up items in Death Stranding?

If you’re struggling to pick up items in Death Stranding, you might be wondering what the problem is, as the game doesn’t always explicitly let you know. If Death Stranding won’t let you press “triangle” to pick something up, and is showing a warning symbol with a red exclamation point, then it’s understandable why you could be confused. Here’s the solution and answer to “Why can’t I pick up items in Death Stranding?”

“I can’t pick items up in Death Stranding” fix

Why can't I pick up items in Death Stranding

Don’t worry if you’re stumped by a seemingly broken item that you can’t pick up. Sometimes you’ve reached your cargo limit and aren’t able to lift any more items, but the red exclamation point can also appear if you’re not yet intended to pick up an item. This is specifically a problem with the Chiral Crystals, which looks like a hand made our of rock.

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If you’re trying to hit “Triangle” to pick up Chiral Crystals and getting an error, worry not, as you aren’t yet ready to start collecting that type of item just yet. Rather than simply not showing them in the world and/or disabling the prompt, the developer has instead made it a little confusing by putting an error with little explanation.

To be able to pick up more items in Death Stranding simply progress on with the story missions and you’ll gain the ability to lift heavier weights and collect those mysterious Chiral Crystals. You might feel like you’re leaving things behind and not playing as efficiently as possible, but you’re not intended to collect every single little thing, so don’t worry about it!

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