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Nioh Gold Armor | How to claim and unlock

Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo’s Nioh is currently being granted a second lease on life with its addition to the November 2019 PlayStation Plus (PS+) lineup. As many players boot up the challenging Souls-like RPG for the first time, they’ll be looking for any advantage they can get, so here’s how you can claim and unlock the snazzy Nioh Gold Armor set in-game.

How to get the Golden Armor in Nioh

Nioh Gold Armor

Gold Armor was added to Nioh post-launch as part of the 1.04 update. It’s freely available to all players and intended to celebrate the game reaching an impressive 1 million units sold. Although every Nioh player has access to the Gold Armor—provided they’re running patch 1.04 or higher, of course—it isn’t readily available immediately. Getting your hands on it is incredibly simple, though.

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Being a Souls-like game set in Japan during the year 1600, rather than bonfire checkpoints as seen in the Dark Souls series, Nioh features shrines that function in much the same way. Once you’re familiar with shrines, below are the steps you need to follow in order to claim your free Gold Nioh Armor.

  • Visit and then pray at any shrine
  • You’ll be presented a variety of menu options; navigate to and select “BOONS”
  • This will claim any applicable DLC items, which should include the following Gold Armor components:
    • Kabuto
    • Do
    • Kote
    • Hizayoroi
    • Suneate
    • Smiting Text
  • Leave the shrine and navigate to the equipment menu
  • Here you can switch out your current armor set for the Gold Nioh Armor

Be warned that leveling this bonus armor set up is a costly process, though it should nonetheless prove useful in the early game. At some point, it may make more sense to switch it out for something a little less showy and easier to upgrade, though if you’re more concerned with looks than utility it’ll certainly do the job.