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Nioh How To Respec Skill Points

Unhappy with your current character build in Nioh? Don't fret. Team Ninja has included a respec option so you can clear your points and spend them how you see fit.

Below is how you can respec your character.


Book of Reincarnation

In order to respec you need to acquire a Book of Reincarnation. This item is purchased at the Blacksmith for the following price, depending on how many times you've purchased one:
  • First: 10,000
  • Second: 30,000
  • Third: 100,000
  • Fourth: 300,000
  • Fifth: 1,000,000

This item must be used outside of a mission, made possible through the Storehouse inventory menu.

Upon its use, all your skills will be refunded at full cost. You can then visit a Shrine in the game world to spend the skill points again.


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