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Death Stranding | How to get S Legend of Legends rating delivery rank

When you start taking on premium deliveries in Death Stranding, you’ll be able to earn S ranks. There are two types of S ranks in the game, S Legend and S Legend of Legends. Each one of these ratings can be seen as a little L or LL icon by their name on each structure they create. So, what’s the different between Legend and Legend of Legends? We’ll discuss it below.

How do you get S Legend of Legends ranks in Death Stranding?

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I went through most of Death Stranding without really knowing the qualifier that separates an S Legend from an S Legend of Legends rank. If you find yourself getting tons of S Legend ranks on premium deliveries and don’t know what you’re doing wrong to not get an S Legend of Legends, you can put your mind at ease.

The only way to get an S Legend of Legends rank is to play the game on hard difficulty. The two S ranks are precisely the same, with the Legend of Legends rank being a perk of playing the game on the hardest mode. So, when you see someone’s name with a little “LL” beside it, that just the game’s way of showing off they’re playing on hard.

The only tangible perk of getting S Legend of Legends rank for premium deliveries is that you get a bonus in the number of likes you receive. This makes it a little easier to raise your connection levels, which is nice. However, there’s no great big reward for getting those LLs besides clout and more likes.

Luckily, if you want to qualify to start getting Legend of Legends ratings, you can do so by just changing the difficulty level to hard in Game Options. This will basically reset your premium deliveries ranks to zero (though you’ll keep the credit for any S Legends ratings in your user stats), and each new one you take on will qualify you for Legend of Legends ratings.