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Is Need for Speed Heat cross platform?

Cross-platform play is always an enticing prospect when thinking about certain video games such as shooters and racers. Electronic Arts’ latest foray into the racing genre is Need for Speed Heat, and this game could potentially score some points with players if it features cross-play. So is Need for Speed Heat cross platform? Can you play with users from other systems?

Is Need for Speed Heat Cross Platform? | Can you cross-play?

Is Need for Speed Heat cross platform

Is Need for Speed Heat cross platform right now? The answer is no, EA’s racer doesn’t feature cross-play, as EA community manager Ataashi confirmed on the official forum:

“Thanks for posting your suggestion! I’m afraid at the moment we don’t have any information about possible cross-play in Need for Speed Heat.”

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The lack of news over the possibility of cross platform is a conspicuous indicator that it wasn’t to be included in the game. Ataashi did add that “if anything changes, we will probably post about it on our official channels,” so this is where you should be on the lookout for any updates concerning cross platform in Need for Speed Heat.

While Need for Speed Heat cross-platform play isn’t an option right now, you may be wondering if it will find its way into the game sometime later. This isn’t to be entirely ruled out, but for that to happen, Need for Speed Heat might have to become a massive commercial success in order for EA to justify working on such an update. Only time will tell if it is going to happen.

Not many racing games feature cross-play, in theory because it’s not a straightforward feature to implement, but also due to the agreements that must be in place for it to happen. Forza Horizon 4 is a good example of a racer that you can play on PC and Xbox One, but there aren’t many more games of the ilk coming with this option. Well, there is always Rocket League, which fully embraces cross platform play on all platforms, but that doesn’t exactly qualify as a racer.