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Fortnite Daily Medal Punchcard disabled fix

FortniteFortnite never changes. Unless it does, as the recent release of Fortnite Chapter 2 aptly proves. Most of the changes were favorably received by the community, but they also brought a significant deal of bugs and issues that players could do without. One of the changes was tied to the Battle Pass, with medals being a new way of earning XP. Out of nowhere, this system appears to be bugged, and players are now hoping for a Fortnite Daily Medal Punchcard disabled fix.

Fortnite Daily Medal Punchcard disabled fix | How to solve?

Fortnite Daily Medal Punchcard disabled fix

Epic just brought this issue to the attention of the community on Twitter. The studio’s tweet reads: “We’re investigating reports that the Daily Medal Punchcard didn’t reset properly and is still showing yesterday’s card. We’ll provide an update as we have more info.”

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This means that the set of daily challenges that Fortnite players were hoping to beat today wasn’t updated. It’s no use aiming for those tasks and trying to upgrade medals in the hope of getting that nice XP boost, as the Daily Medal Punchcard didn’t reset properly.

A subsequent tweet followed, confirming that Epic has some work to do to fix this issue: “The Daily Medal Punchcard will be temporarily disabled while we work to resolve this issue.” Sounds like a drastic measure to the inattentive viewer, but it is wise, in order to avoid additional frustration, as the system clearly isn’t registering as it normally would. There is no Fortnite Daily Medal Punchcard disabled fix right now, but Epic is working on it and the issue should be solved in no time.

Naturally, Fortnite players aren’t pleased with this issue, some of them even asking Epic to compensate them with an XP boost for their troubles. “Supercharge our XP for the rest of the weekend,” one user said on the issue tweet, while others aren’t very pleased with the seemingly endless array of bugs that Fortnite Chapter 2 is suffering from: “You guys sure been having tons of issues,” another user said.