Rainbow Six Siege Kali | How to unlock, playstyle, ability, and more

At long last, the Rainbow Six Siege Year Four Season Four Operation Shifting Tides content is near, as it is in the test servers right now, we thought we better tell you all there is to know about the new Rainbow Six Siege Kali Operator. Read on to discover how to unlock Kali, as well as her weaponsability, and stats, in addition to the best Kali playstyle recommendations. It’s time to bust through walls as the powerful new Indian attacker Operator.

Rainbow Six Siege Kali | How to unlock

rainbow six siege kali

Unlocking Kali in Rainbow Six Siege couldn’t be simpler. If you already own the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 pass, you will receive Kali at no extra cost, along with the other new Operator: Wamai. The Season Four content is playable now in the test servers, but there is currently no release date for the rest of us. It should be soon, though, potentially on December 2, 2019, three weeks after it hits the test servers.

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You will need to purchase Kali separately if you don’t own the Year 4 pass, however. Buying any new Operator will set you back either Renown or R6 Credits. Kali should cost either 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits. Unfortunately, too, if you don’t own the Year 4 pass, you will need to wait a week from its release date before you can buy either Kali or Wamai.

Rainbow Six Siege Kali | Loadout and Ability

Rainbow six siege kali

Unlike several of the previous new Operators in Rainbow Six Siege, Kali’s loadout is packing serious heat. The Indian attacker comes loaded with her unique sniper rifle that can shoot through walls. You may well spot some similarities between Kali’s loadout and that of other Operators, but Kali should feel different thanks to the mixture of weapons she has at her disposal. Kali is equipped with the following weapons and gadgets:

  • Primary Weapon:
    • CSRX-300 Sniper Rifle
  • Secondary Weapons:
    • P226 MK 25 Pistol
    • C75 Auto Machine-Pistol
  • Gadgets:
    • Breach Charge
    • Claymore

Kali’s CSRX-300 is the first bolt-action sniper rifle in the game, with the ability to swap between 5x and 12x zoom on the fly. It’s insanely powerful, too, able to shoot through multiple soft walls (and enemies) and instantly down enemies with one shot. If that’s not powerful enough for you, Kali’s unique ability is on another level. Kali’s unique ability is the LV Explosive Lance that equips on to her CSRX-300.

The LV Explosive Lance will stick to walls and blow up after a second or two. You can use it to create little holes to peek through in breakable walls. For any reinforced wall or surface that it can’t destroy, however, the Explosive Lance can destroy enemy gadgets easily, even if they are placed on the other side of a reinforced wall. Yes, even Goyo’s Volcan Shield is no match for the Explosive Lance.

Rainbow Six Siege Kali | Stats and playstyle

Kali is an Attacker Operator. She comes with both medium Speed and Armor stats. Thanks to her loadout, however, we’d simply recommend playing as Kali as often as possible. While she shouldn’t put up too much of a fight when it comes to close-range gunfights with her rifle, the C75 Auto Machine-Pistol more than makes up for any shortcomings there.

The CSRX-300 Sniper Rifle and LV Explosive Lance combo is simply too powerful to not recommend at nearly all times. Shoot through those walls, destroy enemy gadgets and dominate.

Of course, there are drawbacks to Kali. Her CSRX-300 Sniper Rifle, while powerful, does bring a lot of attention to itself. It’s rather loud and leaves a long trail of smoke behind every shot fired. When you down an enemy with it, they will spin around to instantly face where the shot came from, too, which will give away your position somewhat. Despite this, Kali seems like an easy choice to make right now.