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NBA 2K20 Update 1.08 Patch Notes

NBA 2K20 represents the latest and greatest in 2K’s expansive catalog of sports simulation titles, and the game just got even better thanks to a new update. November 12, 2019 marks the release of update version 1.08, also dubbed Patch 8, with patch notes detailing improved game performance and new tweaks to the game’s MyPlayer Nation feature. Keep reading to discover the highlights of this newest update as well as the update’s full patch notes, which have been featured below.

NBA 2K20 1.08 Update Highlights

NBA 2K20 update 1.08 patch notes

The new NBA 2K20 Patch 8 is a relatively small one, offering but a few tweaks and just one specific fix. This update appears to be version 1.08, though for simplicity, it seems the developers are referring to it as Patch 8.

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The main change this time around involves improvements to the MyPlayer Nation feature within MyCareer. The developers didn’t really give any further information about what was changed, so we’re not entirely sure what these improvements entail. Aside from this, the update also provides several more undisclosed bug fixes aimed at keeping everything in working order, and players on the PlayStation 4 Pro ought to see the game running just a bit more smoothly.

Given that there aren’t many major changes in this update, the NBA 2K20 patch version 1.08 is a relatively small download clocking in at around 3.7GB on the PlayStation 4 and around 3.8GB on the Xbox One.

NBA 2K20 1.08 Patch Notes | Patch 8 (November 2019)

Here are the full patch notes for NBA 2K20 update version 1.08, also referred to as Patch 8:

  • Improved performance for PS4 Pro users.
  • Improvements to the MyPLAYER Nation feature in MyCAREER. Help lead your team to the title!
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent users from joining their friends in the Neighborhood, and/or would sometimes load the invited friend into the wrong location.
  • Many, many more fixes included to improve the overall experience of NBA 2K20!