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Is Modern Warfare bricking consoles?

With any new game release comes the potential for bugs or other problems, ones usually fixed through software updates. However, some players are reporting that the new release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is bricking consoles. Through no fault of their own, users are finding that their Xbox One systems have become unresponsive after simply playing Modern Warfare. Is Modern Warfare bricking Xbox One systems? Do players on other platforms have anything to worry about? Read on to find out.

Modern Warfare bricking consoles | Is Modern Warfare bricking Xbox One consoles?

is modern warfare bricking xbox one consoles?

Several noteworthy reports have surfaced online stating that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is bricking Xbox One systems. The issue seems to stem from game crashes: Users will be playing the game as normal only for the game to freeze, which isn’t exactly uncommon. After restarting their console, they find that they can’t get it to boot up at all, with the system typically displaying a blank green or black screen.

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This story appears to have first surfaced over on the Xbox One subreddit, where user McVapey outlined the course of events that lead to an unresponsive system. Since then, several users have chimed on the thread with similar complaints—namely that after playing the game, they can’t reach the home screen, can’t sign into their profiles, and so on.

This is obviously a fairly major concern for Xbox One users. Until the developers are able to track down the source of this frustrating and potentially expensive issue, players are advised to carefully monitor social media feeds and await feedback from the development team, else they may risk losing their game data, or worse, their entire Xbox One. Some users are advising others to uninstall the game until a proper response or fix has been offered, while others are content just to play other games until the situation has been resolved.

For now, it appears that only the Xbox One platform has been affected; there have been no reports of similar bricking issues on PlayStation 4 or PC. The developers at Infinity Ward seem to be aware of the problem, too, having issued a response saying they have identified an issue affecting Xbox One players. New updates have since been released addressing stability and crashing, but it seems that no fix has yet been released that directly aims to prevent Modern Warfare from bricking consoles.