Modern Warfare’s colorblind settings got this streamer killed

Modern Warfare colorblind settings got a streamer killed in a tense moment during the campaign. The reportedly poor settings for the small portion of the population with various forms of color blindness just weren’t enough to stop a Twitch streamer by the name of Quirkitized from meeting a fiery death during the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign.

Quirkitized was playing through the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign when he encountered a particularly tricky situation. (The game’s only been out for a short while, so I’ll be sure to keep the spoilers light.) He arrived at a situation where he had to defuse a suicide bomb, but the interface for this portion of the campaign highlighted the poor form of the Modern Warfare colorblind settings.

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Upon arriving at the bomb, Quirkitized was prompted to cut a number of wires when prompted to do so by his partner. Unfortunately, the first one was a green wire and Quirkitized is colorblind, meaning that he couldn’t really tell the difference between the green wire and several red wires also on the vest.

“Which one’s green?! I hate being colorblind!” Quirkitized exclaimed as the bomb exploded in his face. “Oh, f***! We’re dead, we’re f***ing dead!”

Thankfully, Qurikitized managed to successfully complete the task a little further past the Twitch clip where he blew up as seen in the full stream. He nonetheless struggled a bit and almost failed again as there were multiple red wires and he had to rely on text prompts.

This one event might be enough to highlight the sorry state of Modern Warfare colorblind settings, but a Reddit post from a month ago pointed out that both this game and the earlier remaster of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare had a less-than-ideal implementation of colorblind settings.

“Basically, it simulates colorblindness instead of fixing it,” Redditor /u/TSLPrescott said in a submission the /r/modernwarfare subreddit. For example, the deuteranopia setting SHOULD make reds more saturated and greens less saturated, but it does the opposite.”

Only a handful of developers seem to manage to accommodate colorblindness appropriately. Hopefully, events like this will highlight the problem and developers will take the time to implement colorblind settings with care. You can watch the tricky bomb defusal in the Twitch clip below.