ProSyndicate: Modern Warfare critics aren’t ‘adapting’ to ‘standard s***’

A series of ProSyndicate Modern Warfare tweets have called out critics of Infinity Ward and Activision’s latest Call of Duty game. Tom “Syndicate” Cassell initially targeted his Twitter tirade directly at professional streamer Dr Disrespect, telling the Twitch star to “man the f*** up,” before turning his attention to the player base in general.

“I swear all you do is whine,” opined Syndicate, before offering former CoD developer Dr Disrespect some advice: “Don’t like something? Learn to counter it.” He’d go on to directly reference Doc’s previous job role as a level designer, challenging him to “design another map on stream which you think would be better.” Believing that he’d fail, ProSyndicate asserts that players would ” just camp on that aswell.”

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Dr Disrespect hasn’t tweeted a rebuttal, though he isn’t generally one to shy away from controversy. ProSyndicate’s incendiary reassertion that he should “MAN UP b****” may eventually provoke a response, though for now, Syndicate has shifted gears to address the wider Call of Duty: Modern Warfare community.

“So sick of people calling out Modern Warfare about simple s***,” he said, referencing some balance issues with the previous Call of Duty titles in an effort to illustrate that Modern Warfare‘s current state isn’t that bad. Complaining is “fine” according to Syndicate, but he believes that “whining about it like it’s the end of the world” is “ridiculous.”

ProSyndicate does at least concede that the Modern Warfare community’s problems with “tanks, shotgun runners, campers, claymores, the whole lot” have merit. “I will 100% agree that things need changes,” said Syndicate, though in the meantime he believes that “people moaning about this standard s***” are failing at “adapting.”

People just need to “learn to run the right perk set ups,” according to this frustrated YouTuber. Whether you agree with the ProSyndicate Modern Warfare tweetstorm or not, it’s clear that he’s passionate about Infinity Ward’s latest FPS. Despite acknowledging its flaws, he’s nonetheless finding it to be a “fun enjoyable game to play.”