Modern Warfare 2 Battle Map

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 Battle Pass Leak Reveals ‘Combat Map’

Infinity Ward has accidentally leaked a trailer revealing how Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass progression works for the main game and Warzone 2.0. The trailer leak was posted on the official Call of Duty channels in Australia and New Zealand before it was promptly taken down. However, users were able to grab the video describing the new Battle Pass combat map system before it was removed, and have reposted the full trailer across social media.

Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass combat map lets you choose what to unlock

As revealed in leaked trailer (posted above from CharlieIntel on Twitter), the Battle Pass won’t be linear this time around. Instead, players can actively choose which unlockables they want to go for, using Battle Tokens to redeem rewards. This Battle Pass combat map is separated into various “Combat Sectors” that contain five rewards each. Once the player grabs all five rewards, the next sector opens up. Players who are able to complete every sector will claim bonus rewards too.

Apart from cosmetic pieces, the Battle Pass will include 23 items like functional weapons and small number of Call of Duty Points. Those with the upgraded premium Battle Pass will be given access to the over 100 rewards on the combat map, including new operators, weapon blueprints, and up to 1400 CoD Points. Each new season will be bring new maps and new rewards, likely changing up the Battle Pass combat map every time.

While the Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass is greyed out right now, it will unlock tomorrow, on November 16. The roadmap for Modern Warfare 2 updates is also quite full for this month.

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