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Fortnite 2.45 Update Patch Notes (11.11)

The Fortnite 2.45 update patch notes (11.11) have been published by developer Epic Games. This new Fortnite patch is rolling out across PCPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchiPhone, and Android devices, after initially being delayed slightly. The new update focuses mostly on Save the World changes, but also fixes some issues in Battle Royale and Creative. Read on for the full patch notes.

Fortnite 2.45 Update Patch Notes (11.11)

Fortnite 2.45 Update Patch Notes

After a slight delay, the new Fortnite 2.45 update has been deployed across all supported platforms, delivering some changes in the form of bug fixes, as opposed to actual content drops. While there isn’t anything to get too excited about, if you’ve been affected by any of the following bugs, you’ll no doubt be happy to see them finally squashed.

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Battle Royale

  • Cosmetic issue involving Kitbash Outfit’s head to appear floating.
  • Magma Wrap looks different than intended.
  • Gift wrap missing for gifted Battle Passes.


  • Wireframe sphere may appear around some pet Back Blings.

Save the World

  • Can’t increase the Rarity of the Nightfall Schematic.
  • Locked Missions appearing for some players in Hexsylvania.

If you’ve been struggling with missing gift wraps from the Battle Pass, they should now be available to equip. No, Epic Games was conning you out of your weapon skins, it was just a bug that needed fixing!

If you’re a Save the World player who has been hindered by locked missions in Hexsylvania, this issue has now been fixed. You should now be able to continue unimpeded.

Perhaps we’ll see more content included in the 2.46 update which, if the traditional weekly updates continue, should land sometime next week.

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