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Need for Speed Heat Steam release date

With Electronic Arts and Valve becoming best friends again after several years of parting ways, it’s highly likely that we’re going to see a Need for Speed Heat Steam release date announcement soon. After all, the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on Steam is just the first step of many in order to bring EA’s rich catalog over to Valve’s digital distribution system. Origin remains as EA’s proprietary launcher, but nothing can beat Steam when it comes to worldwide appeal and features. With that said, when does NFS Heat release on Steam?

Need for Speed Heat Steam Release Date | When is NFS Heat releasing on Steam?

Need for Speed Heat Steam Release Date

EA is making some of its latest games available on Steam, including FIFA 20, Apex Legends, and Battlefield 5, among others. This is an unexpected move that many players are understandably applauding, as it will allow them to purchase and play some games that they wouldn’t otherwise, due to the widespread “too many launchers” syndrome.

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Is a Need for Speed Heat Steam release happening? Considering that it isn’t unusual to find players on Reddit wanting to purchase older NFS games from Steam, it would be wise for EA to do so especially if the big publisher wants money from Steam-only users. While there is no official word on it, EA is probably going to bring Need for Speed Heat to Steam, along with previous Need for Speed games.

While EA hasn’t officially stated the date, a Need for Speed Heat Steam release is likely to happen sometime during 2020. If the game is scheduled for this year, EA probably would have stated that by now. But that could change if EA wants to drop it suddenly next month right before the end of December. However, the year is running out of days so that mostly likely points to sometime next year.