Is there Pokemon Sword and Shield Amiibo support?

Lots of Nintendo first-party titles feature added functionality for Amiibo, the interactive figurines that can interface with games in a variety of different ways. Support for Amiibo in Nintendo games used to be almost taken for granted, but in more recent years it’s slowly started to tail off. Keeping that in mind, how fares the first mainline Nintendo Switch installment in the Pokemon franchise? Look no further for everything you need to know on Pokemon Sword and Shield Amiibo support.

Do Amiibo work with Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Amiibo support

Pokemon Sword and Shield are a pair of big releases, not just because they’re a part of one of the biggest franchises in video games, but because they also see the mainline handheld series playable on a home console for the first time. You might think that Nintendo would go all out on the games to mark the series’ debut on Switch, but, unfortunately, there is no Pokemon Sword and Shield Amiibo support to speak of.

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Checking Nintendo’s list of Amiibo compatible Switch games, both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are notable in their absence. It’s certainly disappointing to see, especially when there are already dedicated Pokemon Amiibo that have been released as part of the Super Smash Bros. line of figures.

We’ve actually known that there wouldn’t be Amiibo functionality in Sword and Shield since the start of November. In a translated interview with Eurogamer, Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori confirmed that players wouldn’t be able to scan their Amiibo and receive any kind of extras in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

It also doesn’t appear as though any new Pokemon Amiibo figures are planned to capitalize on the fresh introductions for generation eight. Again, that’s unfortunate, as a Yamper Amiibo would almost certainly sell like hotcakes.