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How to get point blank kills in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare is filled with tons of different challenges and objectives for players to complete as they journey through the world of an online shooter. One challenge that has been appearing requires players to get point blank kills. Since this task can be a little bit confusing, we have put together a short guide to help you out. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Modern Warfare point blank kills.

Modern Warfare Point Blank Kills

Modern Warfare point blank kills

If you’re trying to get point blank kills in Modern Warfare, you’re not alone. It seems that this objective is giving a handful of players trouble, mostly because Modern Warfare doesn’t specify what counts as a point blank kill. Unfortunately, the line is still blurred, but we have some tips listed below that should help you out.

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For starters, it seems that point blank kills can only be earned by firing from the hip — this means that you shouldn’t be looking down the site when you’re trying to earn a point blank kill in Modern Warfare. Since firing from the hip limits your range, your best bet is to be equipped with a shotgun (much to your opponent’s chagrin), and go for the spray and pray method. If you’d prefer to use another weapon, the .357 Magnum pistol has a Snake Shot attachment that essentially shoots shotgun shells out of the pistol.

The other big thing that players are wondering is, how close do you need to be for a point blank kill? Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an exact answer so you’ll need to get pretty close. However, if you manage to get a Modern Warfare point blank kill, a medal should appear on your screen notifying you of the achievement. So if you fire from the hip and kill a player, but don’t get the medal notification, then you need to be closer.