Pokemon Sword and Shield Can’t Dynamax Evolve | Not Working Fix

One of the big new features introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield is the ability for Pokemon to Dynamax Evolve. This new evolution process causes the pocket monster to become the complete opposite of pocketable, temporarily becoming vast in size and devastating in power. Not even Mega Evolution had this kind of impact on Pokemon, so it’s certainly a mechanic that players will want to try out often. However, there are some limitations in place when it comes to unleashing a Gigantimax Pokemon form, some of which may cause you some frustration during Max Raids. Read on for the answers to “Why can’t my Pokemon Dynamax Evolve in Sword and Shield?”

Why can’t my Pokemon Dynamax Evolve in Sword and Shield?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Can't Dynamax Evolve

The most common reason for your Pokemon not being able to Dynamax Evolve in Sword and Shield is because you aren’t at a place of power. If you aren’t in a gym, a Pokemon den, or some other story-related spots, the “Dynamax” option just won’t appear for you. I suppose it makes sense, as the sheer size of Gigantimax Pokemon would create a major disaster for the small towns and even larger cities that popular the Galar region!

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Another reason why you might not be able to Dynamax Evolve is because it is limited to once per normal battle. If you’ve already Dynamax Evolved one Pokemon in that battle, you won’t be able to do it again.

There is also one other reason why you can’t Dynamax Evolve, and this occurs during the online multiplayer, as detailed below:

Why can’t my Pokemon Dynamax Evolve in Max Raids?

Only one player is able to make their Pokemon Dynamax Evolve during a Max Raid. If you are the host of the session, you will get the first opportunity to select the “Dynamax” option in the battle menu. Everyone else will have to battle with standard forms.

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