Pokemon Sword and Shield | Can you turn off EXP Share?

“Can you turn off the EXP Share in Pokemon Sword and Shield?” was one of the first questions that I was asking myself when I first started playing. I’d caught a full party of Pokemon at this point, but I didn’t want to use them all for the remainder of the game. I’d rather have all of that delicious XP distributed to my starter and the other creatures that actually took part in the battle. Turning off the Pokemon Sword and Shield EXP Share would stop all party Pokemon from sharing experience, which would be ideal for more advanced players. So, is it even possible? Here’s what you need to know.

Can you turn off EXP Share in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

pokemon sword and shield turn off EXP Share

Unfortunately, there is no menu option hidden deep within Pokemon Sword and Shield that lets you disable the EXP Share. All experience for the entire game will be distributed across your entire party, as there really is no way to turn the EXP Share off.

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While the EXP Share is a great way of helping newer players out, keeping their party balanced without the need to worry about switching Pokemon and leveling them up one at a time, it would be nice for more advanced players to be able to play without the function enabled.

With that said, the automatic EXP Share applying to all Pokemon does provide a convenient way of leveling up multiple creatures for the Pokedex. Have one high-level Pokemon doing the battling, and then five low-level unevolved Pokemon in reserve. You’ll be evolving the little guys in no time! Every cloud, eh?

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