Pokemon Sword and Shield Surf | How to cross water

Whether you’re new to the Pokemon franchise or a veteran who has played plenty of the games, you’ll no doubt be wondering how to cross water in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Both in the Wild Area, where dens sit in the middle of lakes, to the town and city areas, there is water to surf on. While there isn’t a Surf HM location to find, there is a bike water mode upgrade that you can get. This will allow you to cross water in Sword and Shield.

How to cross water in Pokemon Sword and Shield

pokemon sword and shield surf

Being able to cross water in Pokemon Sword and Shield is critical to obtaining all items in the gaming world, accessing dens in the middle of water obstacles, and also getting to some mandatory story areas. Happily, shortly after acquiring the sixth gym badge, you’ll be able to unlock this game’s “Surf” move.

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How to unlock the bike’s water mode

  • Keep playing through the game until you have got the sixth gym badge.
  • Shortly after the sixth gym battle, you’ll run into the man who first gave you the bike.
  • Save this man from the Team Yell members by beating them in battle.
  • The man will upgrade your bike to have water mode.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield water mode for your bike is the new version of the Surf HM (Hidden Move) that appeared in previous games. As evidenced by your fancy new bike upgrade, there’s no need for a Surf move here!

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