Can you Soft Reset in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Can you Soft Reset in Pokemon Sword and Shield?” will no doubt be one of the first questions that the more hardcore players will be asking. Whether you’re looking to soft reset for shiny Pokemon, or just want to get a good IV or Nature roll, you’ll be wanting to reset the game as quickly as possible. Having to go back to the Nintendo Switch’s Home Screen, close the application, reboot it, and then load your save is a huge waste of time. Is there a way to speed up that load time and soft reset in Sword and Shield? Here’s the need-to-know.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Soft Reset

Pokemon Sword and Shield Soft Reset

While previous Pokemon games offered easy ways to quickly reset the game, with the simultaneous pushing of a combination of buttons resulting in the game resetting to the main menu, Pokemon Sword and Shield unfortunately has no such soft reset method. There is not yet any way to speed up the process of resetting this game, and so users are forced to go back to the Nintendo Switch Home Screen, close the application, and then restart it.

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So yes, it’s devastating news for those of us who like to use soft reset in order to get shiny legendary Pokemon or other rare variants.

On the bright side, as one final hope, I will remind you that Pokemon Sword and Shield is capable of getting software updates, which in theory could introduce a soft reset feature. Here’s hoping developer Game Freak is monitoring player feedback, as I’m sure a lot of gamers would love to see soft reset added in a future update!

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