Pokemon Sword and Shield Stutter | Low framerate fix

While the turn-based gameplay of Pokemon Sword and Shield usually means that framerate drops don’t usually impact gameplay, even going unnoticed to the typical player, there are instances where the game can seriously chug. This becomes especially apparent in the Wild Area, regardless of whether you are playing with your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite in the portable or docked mode. Is there a way to limit or stop the stutter in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Here’s what you need to know.

How to stop Pokemon Sword and Shield stutter

Pokemon Sword and Shield Stutter

As Pokemon Sword and Shield is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, it isn’t possible to play this game on superior hardware. While the PS4 and Xbox One have their more powerful “Pro” and “X” variants, both the Switch and Switch Lite boasts similarly specced hardware. With that said, you can do something to limit the performance dips.

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Playing Pokemon Sword and Shield in the docked mode makes for the best overall performance, with the mains power allowing the system to run at full load. When it’s portable, the system runs slower to save power and to output at a lower resolution.

In order to further lessen the framerate drops, you’ll want to avoid the Wild Area, as this is the place that is most demanding for the hardware to render. Of course, navigating this part of the game is necessary to complete the story, but by avoiding Pokemon and speeding your way through on the bike, you shouldn’t have to deal with the stutter for too long.

Software updates could certainly be rolled out to improve things. Here’s hoping developer Game Freak is working on something to help reduce FPS drops.

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