Pokemon Sword and Shield Ice Gym Mission | Correct path for puzzle

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Ice Gym mission is one of the toughest gym challengers in the game. Not only do players have to navigate a dangerous path with many pitfalls, but they must also do it while dealing with the mist. Not knowing where the holes are and not being able to see combine to make for a very tough task. Thankfully, we’re here to rescue you from the cold harshness of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Circhester gym, by providing you the correct path for the puzzle.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Ice Gym Mission guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield Ice Gym Mission

While the first two paths are easy to navigate, so long as you take it slow and steady, the third and final ice path can be a nightmare to traverse. At times, you might be certain that you’re going in the right direction, but then suddenly you’re falling down a hole. To help avoid the frustrating, use our guide to see where the holes are and how to navigate around them safely.

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Start by using the first image and head to the left and around to safety. Once you reach the trainer at the center of this path, you can move onto the second image. Move slowly while checking our map below and you should get through the ice gym puzzle with minimal effort.

Once you’ve completed the Circhester gym mission, you’ll be able to face Melony and her ice Pokemon. Good luck!

Ice Gym Puzzle Correct Path

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