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Pokemon Sword and Shield Birthday Celebration | What happens?

Since the day/night cycle in Pokemon Gold and Silver on the original Game Boy, the Pokemon series has often strengthened the simulation element of its monster-catching gameplay with time-based events. While Pokemon Sword and Shield do not include a universal day/night cycle, it seems they will still have certain calendar-based events. One of these is the Pokemon Sword and Shield birthday event, which occurs on the day you enter as your birthday. But how do you tell the game your birthday, and what happens on the day you enter? Read on to find out.

How to enter your birthday in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield center outside fortune teller

When you arrive at the game’s first town, Wedgehurst, you’ll have to make your way through a number of story sequences, but you’ll eventually be given the freedom to roam around. If you speak to the woman standing outside the Wedgehurst Pokemon Center, she’ll ask you to tell her your birthday so she can tell your fortune. After you tell her, she says something about you being lucky, and then she disappears. This is the games’ not-so-subtle way of telling you something is bound to happen when the Nintendo Switch’s clock matches up with the day you entered.

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What happens on your birthday in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Pokemon Sword and Shield birthday pokemon center

On whatever day you gave the fortune teller, you’ll receive a special surprise when you enter a Pokemon Center. No matter which one you enter first, you’ll be greeted by a “happy birthday” message, complete with confetti and Pikachu-shaped balloons. Throughout the rest of the day, you’ll see a Pokeball-shaped cake symbol behind the Pokemon Center nurse.

Pokemon Sword and shield birthday symbol

Besides the Pokemon Center celebrations, you’ll notice two other special additions: First, if you speak man behind the left-side counter in any Pokemon Center and check the memories of your Pokemon, the ones in your party during the celebration will have the following message: “Remembers celebrating [your name]’s birthday.” Second, as Reddit user holman8a discovered, every curry you cook at camp on your birthday will have a lit birthday candle in the center.