Pokemon Sword and Shield Technical Records | TRs vs TMs difference?

As ever, Pokemon in Sword and Shield are each restricted to learning four different moves that comprise their overall move sets. Through leveling up they’ll naturally learn new maneuvers, though they aren’t totally restricted to these, as TRs and TMs can teach moves to Pokemon that wouldn’t conventionally know them. But what’s the difference between Pokemon Sword and Shield Technical Records and Technical Machines? Here’s everything you need to know.

Difference between TRs and TMs in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Technical Records

You can get your hands on TMs (Technical Machines) mostly by chatting with and battling NPCs around the Galar region, while TRs (Technical Records) must be purchased from wandering traders in the Wild Area or gained through participating in Max Raid Battles. Once you have your hands on some, they can be found and used in the “TMs” tab of the in-game “Bag” menu.

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What separates them is that TMs generally relate to weaker moves and can be used as many times as you like, whereas TRs pertain to more powerful moves, but break and become unusable as soon as they’re utilized for the first time. TRs are much rarer as a result and you should think carefully before employing their use, as you won’t be afforded a second chance at getting the decision right.

It might take some experimentation but in the right hands, both Technical Machines and Technical Records can be great tools for increasing the competitive viability of a Pokemon. There’s no harm at all in swapping out technical moves learned via TMs in-game to see how viable they are if used by and against certain types of Pokemon, though again, be sure to consider how best to make use of TRs as those are gone for good following one use.

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