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Pokemon Sword and Shield Critical Catch | How to increase odds

As with every Pokemon game, there are many mechanics and items in Sword and Shield that affect the game and how you play. One such mechanic is the Pokemon Sword and Shield Critical Catch. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what a Critical Catch is, and how to increase Critical Catch odds. Below, we’ll also let you in on what the Catching Charm is and how you can unlock it, including its location.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Critical Catch | What is a Critical Catch?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Critical Catch

Critical Capture has been a mechanic in Pokemon games since Generation Five (Pokemon Black and White). In Pokemon Sword and Shield, however, it has been given an updated name: Critical Catch. You will notice occasionally that your thrown Poke Ball will make a whistling noise, shake in mid-air, and only shake once before catching a wild Pokemon. This is called Critical Catch and it is somewhat random but super effective.

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When a Critical Catch takes place, the chances of you catching that Pokemon dramatically increase, but the chances of it happening are rather slim. The odds of a Critical Catch taking place appears to rely entirely on the number of Pokemon you have caught. In previous games, at least, this is how it worked, and it appears to be the same in Sword and Shield.

If you have only caught a handful of Pokemon so far (under 30), you more than likely will not come across a single Critical Catch. The odds will improve, however, once you start filling in your Pokedex. The more Pokemon you catch, the higher the chance that you will get Critical Catches. Thanks to Bulbapedia, we know that in previous games, at least, that the Critical Catch multiplier could rise as high as 2.5 times when you have nearly completed the Pokedex, which means you could see Critical Catch chances as high as around 41.67% when you have nearly completed the Pokedex.

This is a helpful bonus, for sure, as it will speed up your Pokedex completion, even if only by a small amount. There is a way, too, to further increase your chances of performing Critical Catches: The Catching Charm.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Catching Charm Location | How to unlock

Pokemon Sword and Shield Critical Catch

What is the Pokemon Sword and Shield Catching Charm?

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Catching Charm is a Key Item that you can unlock. Once you have the Catching Charm in your Bag, your Critical Catch chances will increase. The Catching Charm’s official description is “Holding it is said to increase the chance of getting a critical catch. Curiously, the charm doesn’t shake much. It’s a useful item, for sure, and it is, thankfully, rather easy to unlock.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Catching Charm Location

As stated above, unlocking the Catching Charm is simple in Sword and Shield. Simply follow these steps to discover the Catching Charm location and find out how to unlock it:

  • Reach Circhester.
  • Head inside the Hotel on the left of the circle to the right of the Pokemon Center.
  • Once inside, head upstairs via the elevator.
  • Head inside the far back-left room.
  • Speak to the Game Director (dressed as a doctor).

When you speak to the Game Director, he should give you the Catching Charm. We’re unsure whether or not you need to have reached a certain point in the game or if you need to have caught a certain number of Pokemon to receive the Catching Charm, however. As far as we’re aware, the Director should give it to you as soon as you reach Circhester after you have picked up five Gym Badges. We will update this guide if we learn more, of course.

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