How to see Allister with no mask in Pokemon Shield

Allister is a Ghost-type Pokemon specialist that appears exclusively in Pokemon Shield (Bea takes his place in Pokemon Sword). Players battle the Gym Leader at the Stow-on-Side Stadium for his Ghost Badge, provided they’re brave enough to do so when presented with his creepy face mask. If you’re curious about what lurks beneath this spooky guy’s mask, then you need wonder no longer, as here’s how to see Allister with no mask in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

What’s under Allister’s mask in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

how to see Allister with no mask in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Though your mind might run wild regarding what ghostly figure could be hidden beneath this Gym Leader’s mask, in reality, Allister isn’t very scary at all. Beneath the surface, he appears to be a regular kid — one that even shows a vulnerable side in his rare League Card. If you’re looking to fill your deck and still need card number 291, just keep progressing through the game.

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Very close to the end of Pokemon Shield, players will help Allister out during the final event. We’re being careful to avoid spoilers, but know that he’ll give you his League Card after you lend him a helping hand, so there’s nothing specific that you need to go out of your way to do in order to see him without his mask in-game.

Even though you don’t encounter Allister in Pokemon Sword, players can still potentially see his League Card by trading with others locally or online. You can do so via the Y-Comm menu (accessed by pressing the Y button on your right Joy-Con), though be aware that you’ll need to have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to trade League Cards and Pokemon alike over the internet. The only alternative method would be to system link with a local Pokemon Shield player.

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