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Pokemon Sword and Shield ‘Disappeared Somewhere into the Den’ Meaning

Of all the new features in Pokemon Sword and Shield, those Dynamax and Gigantamax Raid boss battles are some of the most difficult. You can catch these Gigantamax Pokemon just like any other, but with a much cooler catching scene. What happens, though, if you fail to catch a Den Raid Pokemon? In this Pokemon Sword and Shield disappeared somewhere into the Den meaning guide, we’ll let you know what happens when you fail to catch a Wild Area Den Raid boss Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield ‘Disappeared Somewhere into the Den’ Meaning

Pokemon Sword and Shield Disappeared Somewhere into the Den Meaning

As stated above, you can catch Gigantamax Pokemon that present themselves inside Den Raids within the Wild Area. Just as you can catch them, however, you can also fail to catch them. You shouldn’t be guaranteed to catch them unless you have a Master Ball to hand. If you fail to catch the Den Raid Gigantamax Pokemon, you are presented with this message: ‘disappeared somewhere into the den’. This, sadly, simply means that the Pokemon you were trying to catch has fled.

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You only get one chance to catch a Gigantamax Pokemon. If you fail to catch it with your first attempt, you won’t get another chance. It’s gone. It won’t reappear from the same den. Once it disappears somewhere into the den, you will receive a bunch of rewards and outside of where the den was, with the den no longer there anymore. That particular Gigantamax Pokemon has escaped and won’t be seen again.

Don’t fret, though. If you desperately wanted to catch a Gigantamax Butterfree, for example, you still can. The one that disappeared has gone, but more Gigantamax Butterfrees will appear. Keep your eyes peeled on Raid events taking place and you’ll get another chance. Remember, though, that if you fail at catching any Gigantamax Raid Pokemon even once during the battle, they will disappear somewhere into the den.

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