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CS:GO Operation Shattered Web update patch notes

Operation Shattered Web has arrived in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, bringing a host of new changes with it. The Operation Shattered Web update patch notes outline the newest tweaks to CS:GO along with the game’s first ever battle pass system. Read on to discover how Operation Shattered Web works and have a look at everything tweaked or adjusted in the latest patch notes.

CS:GO Operation Shattered Web | New changes and highlights

csgo operation shattered web update what's changed highlights

The Operation Shattered Web update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive introduces the game’s very first battle pass-type system. In this instance called an Operation Pass, Shattered Web brings all manner of unlockable goodies into CS:GO. Like with similar battle passes in other games, players will work through different challenge cards. Stars are rewarded for each challenge completed, and stars in turn offer up new rewards for the player, including graffiti sprays, stickers, weapon cases, and weapons from the new Norse, St. Marc, Canals, and Shattered Web collections.

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Among the in-game changes are the new Shattered Web Agents, which are unlockable character skins that can be used across any game mode. These Agents coincide nicely with the newly reworked end-of-match accolades, which showcase player skills based around the outcome of the match.

The the Operation Shattered Web update also introduces a fair amount of tweaks and game changes otherwise. Players will note that the buy cost for the SG553 has been increased to $3000, while the FAMAS and Galil have had price cuts down to $2050 and $1800 respectively. The Galil and FAMAS have also had their spray accuracy during full-auto fire increased. Finally, the Studio, Jungle, and Lunacy maps have been added to casual game modes, and the Vertigo map has seen a host of changes and alterations. For the full patch notes for this update, keep reading below.

CS:GO Operation Shattered Web | Patch notes

csgo operation shattered web patch notes changes list

Operation Shattered Web


  • Increased price of SG553 to $3000 to bring its price more in line with its value.
  • Reduced the price of FAMAS and Galil by $200 (to $2050 and $1800, respectively)
  • Improved full-auto spraying accuracy of FAMAS and Galil.

Danger Zone

  • Buymenu price adjustments for ssg08 and radar jammer.
  • Minor timing adjustments for locked door and safe interaction.
  • Automated sentries now fire M249 bullets.
  • Added killfeed icon for automated sentry.
  • Added more explosive barrels.
  • Tablet crate icons now show an above/below annotation if significantly above or below the player.
  • Minor change to zone effect visuals.


  • ‘AWP | Hyper Beast’ and ‘P90 | Nostalgia’ updated to correct wear at Factory New


  • Pearlescent coatings:
    • We have added support for applying a pearlescent coating to weapon finishes. Pearlescent coatings use ceramic crystals to reflect and refract light, splitting it into different colors as the view angle changes. This effect can be used in a number of ways to subtly enhance your weapon finish or make drastic changes. The new Operation Shattered Web collections have some weapons with pearlescent coatings to illustrate some of the ways this new feature can be used. The Workshop Workbench has been updated to include this feature so you can experiment with adding this coating to a weapon finish. Using higher values will make the color bands tighter and more frequent and using negative values will flip the spectrum to start on the opposite end. It should be noted that this coating will shift the hue of your weapon finish so parts with no saturation, and therefore no hue, will have no pearlescent effect. We look forward to seeing what interesting applications you come up with.


  • Added Studio to Scrimmage and Casual Sigma map groups.
  • Added Jungle to the Danger Zone rotation.
  • Added Lunacy to Flying Scoutsman
  • Zoo and Seaside have been removed.


  • Cache has been moved from Scrimmage to Competitive Matchmaking


  • Added ramp to final stage of scaffolding on A ramp, no longer need to jump up
  • Connected corridor to back of A with CT elevator room
  • Widened top of mid
  • Offset doors from CT spawn and to CT elevator room
  • Made A site CT death funnel shorter, widened site area
  • Removed big block in CT spawn
  • Moved A ramp sandbags to allow jump up
  • Various bug and clipping fixes