Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantamix Ingredient Location

If you’ve been exploring the Galar region in Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch, you might’ve encountered an NPC that mentions Gigantamix. This “fabled” and “legendary” curry component is eluding many, though the Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantamix ingredient location is actually right under players’ noses. Here’s everything you need to know about what it does and where to find it.

How to get Gigantamix in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantamix ingredient location

In order to cook delicious in-game curries for you and your Pokemon to enjoy, which can rejuvenate your weary party when on a long stint in the Wild Area, it’s important to collect ingredients and experiment to discover the best recipes. One ingredient that guarantees a great result, however, is Gigantamix.

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The item’s in-game description reads as follows:

“One of the many ingredients that can be used for cooking at your camp. A mysterious spice. Even a tiny sprinkle is sure to make a curry gigantic.”

An obvious play on the new Gigantamax battle mechanic introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Gigantamix similarly grows a curry to provide your Pokemon Trainer and all of their party Pokemon with a healthy portion. It’s perhaps the ultimate curry ingredient, which makes its exceedingly simple method of acquisition quite surprising.

In order to find Gigantamix in either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, all that players need to do is head for the Wild Area. This is a new addition to the series that’s encountered early in the game, and as soon as you get there you’ll likely notice that other player avatars are present. By talking to these fellow Pokemon Trainers you’ll be granted randomized rewards, one of which has the potential to be Gigantamix.

After eventually being given the “mysterious spice” as a freebie, players can set up camp via the X menu before using it to make and devour a spectacular curry alongside their Pokemon.

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