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Fortnite Pipeman, Hayman, and Timber Tent locations

New challenges are always arriving in Fortnite, and this week is certainly no different. The latest Week 7 set of Trick Shot challenges require Fortnite players to dance in front of the Pipeman, the Hayman, and the Timber Tent. The dancing itself is simple enough to pull off, but players are likely to get hung up simply trying to find the Pipeman, Hayman, and Timber Tent locations. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Pipeman, Hayman, and Timber Tent locations in Fortnite

fortnite pipeman hayman timber tent locations

In order to complete this Week 7 Trick Shot challenge, players need to track down three different statues spread all across the Fortnite island. Unfortunately, it may be hard to track them all down within in a single match, as the statues are spread almost as far away from one another as possible. To make matters more explosive, other players are likely looking for the statues, too, so go in to the task expecting the possibility of a firefight.

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Still, for the players who know the locations of the statues ahead of time, it may be possible to complete this challenge in just one take. That’s assuming players can move quickly and steer well clear of enemies, of course. For those who want a quick run-down, the Pipeman Statue is just a short ways south of Misty Meadows, the Timber Tent statue is sitting in the open outside of Holly Hedges, and the Hayman statue can be found within Frenzy Farm. The approximate locations are featured in the map image above. As for the specific locations of each of these three statues, read on to learn more.

Fortnite Pipeman Location

The Pipeman statue will likely be the first stop for players, as it’s the one located furthest away from the rest of the group. Specifically, the Pipeman statue can be found almost due south of Misty Meadows, sitting in a nonchalant pose atop a low mountain cliff. As its name implies, it’s made entirely of pipes, and there’s even a chest hanging out in the recess within its head. Once arrived, simply dance in front of the Pipeman to complete this part of the challenge.

Fortnite Hayman Location

The Hayman is easy enough to find: It’s located in the southwest corner of Frenzy Farm, not too far north of the bridge crossing the river. It looks like some kind of robotic or perhaps mech-inspired warrior made out of hay, but it’s waving in what appears to be a friendly enough greeting. Bust a move in front of it, then count the second part of this challenge completed.

Fortnite Timber Tent Location

To find the Timber Tent, head westward past Salty Springs, turning just slightly south toward Holly Hedges. In a clearing sitting between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges, look for what appears to be a fire no one bothered to ignite. It’s the Timber Tent, although you could be forgiven for thinking it was nothing more than kindling at an abandoned campsite. Perform the dance of your choice, and this Week 7 Trick Shot challenge will at last be completed.

With the Fortnite Pipeman, Hayman, and Timber Tent locations revealed, players should have no problem completing this Week 7 Trick Shot challenge. Just be wary of players who cut their dance parties short and start opening fire on one another. If you’re hoping to learn more about the other Fortnite Chapter 2 Week 7 challenges, be sure to check out our guide to the Fortnite Hidden T location. Star Wars fans may also be interested in learning more about how to get the Fortnite Imperial Stormtrooper outfit.