Pokemon Sword Hydreigon | Location and how to evolve

Hydreigon is a sweet three-headed Dark and Dragon-type Pokemon that’s exclusive to Pokemon Sword. Unfortunately, this does mean that Pokemon Shield players can only hope to get their hands on the creature by engaging in online or local trades. If you opted to pick up Pokemon Sword, however, you might still be wondering how to add it to your Pokedex. Here’s the answer to all your Pokemon Sword Hydreigon questions.

How to get Hydreigon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword Hydreigon

Hydreigon hasn’t yet been discovered freely roaming the Galar region Wild Area, which means that instead of being able to catch the beast itself, you’ll need to grab one of its lesser forms and evolve it. The first form is Deino, which can be found in the Lake of Outrage section of the Wild Area in Pokemon Sword. You’ll then need to train the Deino up in order to evolve it into Zweilous (pictured above) and then the fabled Hydreigon.

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The Lake of Outrage is located just under Hammerlocke Hills in the Wild Area and is absolutely packed with rare Pokemon. Deino is one of the absolute rarest, however, so be prepared for a lengthy search. First, you’ll need to wait for the right weather conditions — lots and lots of rain. The Dragon and Dark-type Pokemon doesn’t spawn in any other weather condition, and even then is still an infrequent occurrence that can appear both in the overworld and as a surprise encounter.

Once you finally manage to catch one, Deino will evolve into Zweilous at level 50, then Hydreigon at level 64. Once again, if you’re looking to add any of these Pokemon to your party in Pokemon Shield, you’ll need to trade for them with a generous Pokemon Sword player.

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